Welcome to a little experiment using minimal blogging to be open about ongoing stuff at TOA.


  • Some Principles


    Principles are important. Especially if you can keep to them. Here's a set to help frame our thinking on a technology strategy to support learning.

  • Clipbank


    Did you know that we have a subscription to the Clipbank service from Channel 4 Learning?

    Clipbank provides video clips linked to curriculum subjects with supporting materials. It has recently been updated with resources that may help with subject revision. Details of how to access Clipbank, and the latest changes, are in the links below. Finally, if you're already using Clipbank and have any feedback, good or bad, I love to know ;-)


    You can find Clipbank at: http://clipbank

    Details on how to get started are at:http://clipbank/espresso/clipbank/html/tr_getting_started.html

  • First Thoughts


    Some first thoughts on using telegr.am as a lightweight, minimal, blogging and sharing platform for learning and teaching.


    Markdown (or, preferably, the pandoc dialect) helps me focus on content over form.


    I've discovered notepad++ syntax highlighting for .md files kinda works. I wonder if that's a plugin I downloaded...

  • Need a draft folder


    Telegr.am needs a drafts folder. Or, maybe a flag in a post so you can keep it as a draft and not publish it. Otherwsie stuff sits in dropbox and next time you refesh in telegra.am: whoosh. There it is.