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Questions (sometimes with answers)

  1. how do i add pages? A: just add a file in the dropbox root. It appears on the bootstrap navbar as a new item.

  2. Blog posts? A: bung them in a folder called _posts and then add the snippet defined in this post to configure where they appear.

  3. Pandoc support? A: No.

  4. Why do I get 403 errors? Refreshing telegr.am too soon after/before a dropbox sync? Refreshing the page too soon after a telegr.am refresh? Dodgy markdown markup? Something else? A: not sure, think it's refreshing telegr.am too soon after saving into dropbox... Update: something weird with nginx. Fixed.

  5. Cool: set a future date on posts and they don't post. Hope they do automagically when the date rolls around...

  6. RSS feeds?

  7. dates are En-US :-(